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My austrian friend Carmen Wo just tagged me to answer some questions and let you know some random facts about me, so that's what i'm gonna do! I thought I might as well do it all in English because the tag is in English already.
1. Something no one knows about you
I was afraid of talking on the phone when I was a kid.

2. How do you react to rain after a car wash?
Well, I don't have a car, so...

3. What's something you've always wanted to do
Write a book.

4. What should be in everyone's closet
A pair of joggers!
5. Three things that make you happy:
Books, when someone comment on my blog and my friends.

6. What do you find particularly important in other people?
Honesty and respect.

7. Who would you like to meet someday?
There's a long list of people I want to meet, haha! But I'll say J.K. Rowling, her books have turned my life around.

8. Cats or dogs?
Cats when I'm with cats and dogs when I'm with dogs. So, yeah, both.

9. What is a book everyone should have read?
All the Harry Potter books.

10. In what way do you resemble your parents?
I am honest and say what I think about things, just like my dad and well, I am short like my mum, haha.

11. What are you most scared of?
I have a phobia for roller coasters. I just can't deal with them, I panic. In September I tried a carousel/roller coaster that I stopped going on when I was little and let's just say I realised why I stopped going on it.

  1. Downton Abbey was the first TV-show I started following and it's still one of my absolute favourites.
  2. I hate when it's windy.
  3. I have a hard time talking about personal stuff, takes a while for me to "open up".
  4. I never fill in my eyebrows...
  5. ...and I have never worn foundation.
  6. My first three nail polishes were a neon pink, a neon green and a bright yellow.
  7. Some people get bored of reading, but I get bored at parties. I just don't get partying. 
I tag: Malin, Magda and Julia.
Posted by: Tovvsan

Också en solklar dröm för mig, att skriva en bok. Så sjukt coolt det hade varit att göra dee!

Svar: Jaa!!
Alma Bengtsson

2015-01-11 @ 12:46:29
URL: http://tovvsan.blogspot.se/
Posted by: Madeleine

måste flika in att din header är helt underbar

Svar: Tack!!
Alma Bengtsson

2015-01-11 @ 20:07:49
URL: http://fames.se/madeleinealexandra/
Posted by: Hanna - hästar || foto || längdskidor

va roligt att läsa :)

Svar: kul att du gillade det :)
Alma Bengtsson

2015-01-11 @ 20:23:11
URL: http://frameit.webblogg.se/

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